New French Anti-Terror Law… the Changing face of a Democracy?

Like I’ve said, I’m a bit of a news junkie… it comes with the job I think, combined with parents who presented a strong influence by reading anything and everything.

I ran across an article today that reports upon a new law that was voted into effect by the French Parliament (similar to our U.S. Congress, but not quite the same) which from what I can find increases the powers of the French National Police and internal security to do some pretty, for lack of a better way to put it, repressive things.

From my sources (the news) it will bolster police surveillance powers and make it easier to close mosques suspected of preaching hatred (France being a predominantly Catholic Country this could easily become a slippery slope to other religious views).

The French aren’t known for their love of free speech like we are in the U.S. but they are known for the relatively regular revolution (seriously about every 25-ish) years, so although they have had some brutal terror events in the last few years that have lead to this new law, could they actually be signs of things to come?

“The interior ministry, without approval from a judge, will be able to set up security zones when there is a threat, restricting the movement of people and vehicles in and out and with power to carry out searches inside the area.”

By now you may be wondering where I’m going with this. Look back at French History, it’s had some brutal revolutions in the past, class against class, religion, security, changes in demographics… you name it, have all been the reasons for these revolutions. Could the current laws be more for the security of the state than the security of the “polis” (body of citizens)? Now more importantly how does this apply to the average U.S. Citizen? France has around 365,000 service members in its military, it has strong economic ties globally, it has a defense industry, technology, etc… it is not a 3d world nation, and it would take some work to make it such. If it suddenly becomes a full authoritarian state instead of just the fun semi-socialist welfare state it is now, it would be one with nuclear weapons. We worry so much about the “rogue” states out there but we don’t typically consider the change that happens every election time with states that are our “peers”.

Keep in mind before you go to bed tonight that once upon a time no one thought of the Germans as a threat to the world, its economy and millions of human beings.