Work Sharp Outdoor Sharpener

I’m a HUGE fan of this thing, picked it up from amazon a few months ago and since then have been going through every sharp object in my house. From my pocket knives to the wifes kitchen knives even the kitchen shears… seriously if there is one thing you decide to take my advice on its this. The basic kit comes with 3 diamond plates, an angle guide an the holder itself. If you get the “expansion” it will allow you to put an extra razor finish on almost anything you have. Simple, no oil, since its diamond. Able to take a swiss army knife to the level of skinning knife in just a few minutes of time. I was seriously impressed with this piece of kit, now I keep it by my chair and use it whenever I’m sitting there for a few minutes to clean up the edge on the 2 knives I keep in my pocket.

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