Amazon Associates Disclaimer

Ladies and gentlemen, as I try to figure this whole blog thing out I do have the intention of making a little money from it.  In order to do so I will make you aware that I am using the Amazon Affiliates program and if you do click on the links in my posts I will get a small commission should you decide to make a purchase.  That being said as I begin to do reviews and recommendations I will only include links for the products that I use myself… however I will have a few banner ads included that may not be referring something I myself use while I figure this process out.

Just figuring it out…

So right now I’m busily trying to figure out how to get this blog running, however I think I can take this opportunity to describe this process so far.  Now for those of you who want to seek ways to make a little money in order to fund some of your own prepping and homesteading dreams and desires a blog may not be the simplest way to do it as I’m quickly finding out.  I thought I had done enough research before hand, but so far a week in I’m learning maybe I had not.  Everytime I check the website on anything other than my laptop I get the “site is coming” page from Bluehost… so this may take more work than I thought.