A little about me

So first of all this is my first attempt at blogging, I’ll be honest not sure where it will go or what path this will lead me down.  My blog will likely focus on the wide world of prepping in some form.  I grew up on a farm, have spent some time in the military (my whole adult life so far) and am a bit of a news junkie.  My initial intent with this site is a few things, to discuss some of the things I’ve done right and wrong in my own personal worries about the state of the world, share some wisdom, share some mistakes, and hopefully make a little extra money to fund some things I have done or plan to do in the future.

A little more in depth on myself is I have a desire to do something new in my life and that is part of why I’m starting this blog.  In order to sort out my thoughts on what I want to do when I grow up.  Like I said, I’ve spent 20 years now in uniform between two branches of service active and reserve, except I did it backwards, reserve then active.  If any of you have ever done that transition it changes things a bit when it comes to retiring from the military, I basically have to do 23 and a half years to get my 20 year service ticket punched… don’t get me wrong it’s been an adventure, and I’ve had lots of fantastic experiences and made lots of great friends… but its time for something new.